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20 Things to do in Melbourne on a Friday


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20 Things to do in Melbourne on a Friday

  1. Go to a game of Friday night football. There is usually a match at either the MCG or Docklands Stadium most Friday nights through winter.
  2. [Event deleted - another one coming soon]
  3. Go to the Supper Market at the Abbotsford Convent.
  4. Promenade along Lygon Street then have an Italian meal. If you have no work tomorrow that means you can be heavy on the garlic.
Royal Botanic Gardens, MelbourneTake a leisurely stroll and maybe even a picnic at Melbourne's famous Royal Botanic Gardens. If you would like further background on these gardens in the grand European tradition there are free tours starting from the information centre at 11am and 2pm. You can find more information at The White Hat Guide to the Royal Botanic Gardens.


  1. Enjoy some Friday night jazz. Many jazz venues will be jumping or you can go along to a jamming session in Collingwood. The White Hat Guide to Jazz in Melbourne.
  2. Lie under the stars and enjoy Shakespeare in the Gardens which runs throughout summer.
  3. Investigate what Melbourne has to offer above the awnings. Poke around the Nicholas Building, Curtin House or Carlow House to see what's on offer.
  4. Spend some time at a Friday market. You can find a comprehensive list of Friday markets at The White Hat Guide to Friday Markets in Melbourne. On the third Friday of the month you may enjoy the bustle of the Chinatown Night Market
  5. Many pubs have a happy hour on Friday night to attract the after work crowd. Go along, have some cheap drinks and maybe meet some new friends.
  6. Go to a blockbuster show in one of Melbourne's wonderful heritage theatres. Mind you, if the show is popular you will need to book in advance. You can find some suggestions at The White Hat Guide to Theatres in Melbourne.
  7. Do your major food shopping for the weekend. Melbourne has some wonderful food stores. You could for instance try the Mediterranean Supermarket in Sydney Road. You can find plenty of other suggestions at The White Hat Guide to Food Stores in Melbourne.
  8. Visit the Melbourne Aquarium.
  9. Stay home and cook up a storm. Here is one of our suggestions for Friday night tea from our food and wine newsletter.
  10. Take a wander around South Melbourne. Take in the Clarendon Street shopping strip with its Corporation Verandas. Check out the impressive South Melbourne Town Hall and maybe seek out the See Yup Temple
  11. Write a newsletter. That's what we do on a Friday. You can obtain a free subscription to the White Hat Newsletter of Things to Do In Melbourne here.
  12. Visit a hidden gallery or museum. The Post Maters Gallery often have displays based around unusual themes yet most Melburnians walk past without knowing it's there.
  13. Go kitesurfing at St Kilda Beach. Equipment and training is available on most days. See The White Hat Guide to Water Sports in Melbourne.
  14. Visit The Shrine of Remembrance. One of Melbourne's most visible icons, it also encapsulates many of the traditions that are now part of the fabric of Melbourne.
  15. Grab a take-away cup of coffee and sit and watch the passing parade in Bourke Street Mall.
  16. Enjoy jazz at the Kelvin Club and take the opportunity to have a look around one Melbourne's older establishment clubs at the same time.
  17. And finally, if it's raining then you could have a look at The White Hat Guide to 50 Things to do on a Rainy Day in Melbourne.

Although these options are available on most Fridays, you will find the city virtually closes down on Good Friday so you will need to find other options for that day.

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Some forthcoming events on a Friday in Melbourne

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Moomba Parade

The parade runs northbound on St Kilda Road (on the park side of the road) between Dorcas St and Linlithgow Avenue.

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Passionate Tongues - Poetry and Spoken Word
Featuring a constantly changing line-up of some of Melbourne's finest poets. ($10 Jugs every Monday.) ..
Process is a series of Monday night architecture talk at Loop in Melbourne organised by the Young Architects Commitee of the RAIA. ..
Free Tour of Federation Square
Free Tour of Federation Square. No need to book, just turn up on time at the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags in the Swanston Street Forecourt. ..

Selected attractions open on certain Fridays in Melbourne

Grainger Museum

Grainger Museum

Built by arguably Australia's finest musician, Percy Grainger, to house his collection of music-related instruments, scores and other items associated with his life and career. more info > >

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Heide Museum of Modern Art

The Heide Museum of Modern Art is a gallery, sculpture park and museum of important art and artists from Melbourne and beyond. White Hat recommends that anyone interested in Australian art, particularly that of the Heidelberg School, should pay a visit to this important site. More details at Heide Museum of Modern Art >>

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Luna Park

Melbourne's iconic fun park.
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Old Treasury Building

One of Australia's finest Victorian era buildings. It is open to teh public on Wednesdays and Sundays and features fine displays related to Melbourne history. More info >>
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Australian National Aviation Museum
A collection of aeroplanes and displays relating to Australia's aviation history. The museum is at Moorabbin Airport. more info > >
Bundoora Homestead
Bundoora Homestead is a wonderful Queen Anne style Federation mansion operating as a historic house, art gallery and licensed café. Free admission.More info >>
Free Tour of Melbourne Town Hall
A free tour of the historic Melbourne Town Hall. Numbers are limited so bookings are essential and required one day in advance. More information >>
Ian Potter Museum of Art

The Ian Potter Museum of Art at Melbourne University is a short tram ride from the city and a short walk from Lygon Street Carlton. Entry is free but from time to time there are special exhibitions in part of the gallery which may entail an entry charge. Exhibited works are chosen from teh art clocction of the Unversity of Melbourne - the largest university art collection in Australia. More info >>

Melbourne Fire Services Museum
Australia's largest collection of fire brigade memorabilia housed in a historic fire station. More info >>
National Gallery of Victoria - Australian Collection
National Gallery of Victoria - International Collection
Victorian Jazz Archive
The Victorian Jazz Archive is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers with the mission and vision of "Proactively Collecting, Archiving & Disseminating Australian Jazz". The organisation's venue houses an impressive collection of jazz-related materials. More info >>