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The White Hat Guide to



Victoria, Australia

Information for locals and visitors

An Overview


What’s on in Melbourne

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  • calendar of events
    Find coming events up to 12 months in advance.
  • major events
    A selection of major events worth building a special visit around.
  • festivals
    Melbourne has a remarkable array of festival all year round.


  • music
    Classical recitals, rock gigs, arena specials, jazz venues, touring artists and everything in between.


  • theatre & shows
    Plays, musicals, etc in Melbourne’s heritage theatres as well as smaller venues.

    Theatre & Shows

  • dance
    Ballet, modern dance, tap, Broadway song & dance and community dance events.
  • comedy
    Comedy festivals, gigs, open muics and shows.
  • fashion
    Fashion events and resources such as retro clothing fairs.
  • forums
    Public forums, lectures and workshops.
  • design
    Design events, expos and markets.
  • exhibitions
    Art, museum and library exhibitions.
  • open days
    Open days at heritage homes, private venues, architural showcases etc.
  • open days
    Sporting events in Melbourne

What's on in Melbourne

Places to visit

Things to do


Other Melbourne information

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