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The White Hat Cookbook

The White Hat Cookbook

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The White Hat Cookbook

In many ways, Australia is a foodies’ paradise.

In terms of produce, Australia is a large island-continent with no land borders with other countries. This has enabled us to remain relatively free of diseases and contaminants in our produce. The continent straddles a large range of latitudes and climates from tropical to cool temperate which allow for a large range of produce and livestock to be cultivated. Australians (at least in the large cities) have access to a large range of fresh inexpensive food.

When it comes to turning these ingredients into meals, Australia has had a large influx of immigrants from most countries of the world bringing with them many cooking techniques and traditions. Add to that the range of indigenous and Aboriginal ingredients and techniques and Australia produces a unique mix of foods and dining experiences influenced by a number of cultures but seems to have at its core fine ingredients simply prepared.

  • Ingredients
    Common ingredients with tips on how to use and stotre them.
  • Recipes
    Some of White Hat’s more popular recipes.
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