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Rossini - Otello
Melbourne Opera
Athenaeum Theatre

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Rossini - Otello


Melbourne Opera's new production, celebrating the 150th anniversary of Rossini’s death, will be directed by the legendary film and opera director Bruce Beresford (one of White Hat's 200 Significant Australians) conducted by Greg Hocking and Raymond Lawrence and sung in a new English translation by Geoffrey Harris.

Rossini’s Otello is immensely influential in the history of opera as, particularly in the 3rd act (the murder of Desdemona), Rossini breaks new ground in operatic drama and sets the stage for Bellini, Donizetti and early Verdi. The score is packed with exciting ensembles arias and duets featuring duelling tenors.

The work features no less than 6 demanding tenor roles. The cast is led by Stephen Smith in the demanding title role, with popular international soprano Elena Xanthoudakis returning to debut as Desdemona. Other cast members include Henry Choo, Boyd Owen, Jason Wasley, Roger Howell and Michael Dimovski.

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