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Melbourne Trams

Melbourne 'W Class' Tram
Melbourne's iconic 'W Class' Tram

Melbourne without trams is unthinkable!

It has come close at times over the last 100 years, but the forces of good, righteousness and the Melbourne Way have prevailed.

Sydney had trams once. In fact the expression shot through like a Bondi tram has entered the language. But they sold out to modernism and the international movement. Those ideas and books took longer to get to Melbourne.

We certainly had a good attempt at destroying our heritage in the name of modernism for the Olympic Games in 1956, but anachronisms like the trams and the Exhibition Buildings managed to survive because they were just too bloody useful.

Melbourne's first electric trams ran between Box Hill and Doncaster from 1889 to 1896.

The Melbourne W-class tram is an engineering classic. It is simple, highly efficient and economical, and just keeps on going year after year. It is little surprise to know that it is classified by the National Trust.

� Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

Colonial Tramcar Restaurant


Some suggested tram journeys:





'Toast Rack' Tram
Historic 'Toast Rack' Tram

Unfortunately, although trams appear on the surface to be 'clean and green', the story is not quite as simple on closer investigation. You can find more reflections at Green Issues in Melbourne in our newsletter No.45 of 3rd April 200

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