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Lord Howard Florey
medical researcher, Nobel Laureate
1898 - 1968

"The war had nothing to do with it [the discovery of penicillin]. It has often been said that we went hot-headed at the problem because of the needs of the fighting forces; but that is not so. It was pure accident that the discovery happened to be made at the time when it was most wanted."

Lord Howard Florey

 Howard Florey Institute

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Penicillin: The Magic Bullet

This documentary first screened on SBS on 3 August, 2006. It is expected that it will soon be available for sale to the public. The accompanying promotion reads:

"As World War Two rages, a small team of scientists at Oxford University, led by Australian Howard Florey, make one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine: penicillin. As news of their funny yellow powder leaks out to the press, wartime Britain looked for a hero. Instead of Florey and the Oxford team, they choose someone else to shower with honours, Alexander Fleming, How it happened is a fascinating story of wartime scarcity, personal conflicts, and a sobering lesson in the damage done to truth by wartime propaganda."