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The Contents Of This Document Are The Property Of Perth Burger Collective And Cannot Be Copied, Released Or Used For Any Purpose Unless Authorized By Directors.  All Intellectual And Property Rights Remain With The Property Holders.


Commercial and In Confidence










Prepared By:                      Taylor Moore, Beth & Les Graham-Aumua

Date of Update:                 January 14, 23



How to Contact Us

Perth Burger Collective

Street Address:                                                   3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo, WA 6065

Postal Address:                                                   P.O. Box 555, Wanneroo 6946


Telephone Numbers

Landline:                                                               (08) 9404 5493

Perth Burger Collective Mobile:                       0401 952 929


Taylor Moore                                                       0421 460 388

Beth Graham-Aumua                                         0414 277 080

Les Graham-Aumua                                                                           0416283169

Dani Pickett                                                          0409 112 039


Email:                                    perthburgercollective@gmail.com

Website: -                                                                              www.Perth Burger Collective.com.au

Facebook:                                                  www.facebook.com/Perth Burger Collective (Public)

Staff Group                                                           ????

Instagram                                                             Perth Burger Collective


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Business Hours.................................................... 4

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Lateness.............................................................. 5

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First Aid.............................................................. 7

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Tools of Trade..................................................... 7

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What makes the Wheels go Round!.................. 9

1. Code of Conduct Policy Summary...................... 9

2. Occupational Health and Safety Policy - Summary......................................................................... 10

3. Dress Code Policy - Summary........................... 13

4. Conflict of Interest Policy Summary................ 14

5. Communication & Social Media Policy – Summary......................................................................... 15

6. Leave Policy - Summary................................... 16

Hierarchy Flow Chart...................................... 18

Policies Declaration......................................... 19



Who We Are!


Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to the team at Perth Burger Collective. We are excited that you have decided to join us and look forward to a long, happy and successful partnership together. 

Our business is about delivering exceptional customer service, serving fantastic and well-priced meals, amazing coffee in a warm and friendly environment. You have been hired because we believe you can help us to maintain Perth Burger Collective’s high standards and well-deserved reputation.

The purpose of this handbook is to introduce you to Perth Burger Collective, give you some information about our history and what we do.  You will also find information about your terms and conditions of employment, our expectations regarding your behavior and an introduction to our policies and procedures.  The manual should be read in conjunction with your contract of employment.

This handbook is by no means an exhaustive guide to your employment with us.  It has been developed to act as a resource and reference for you and will be updated as required as our business grows.  You will be notified of any changes as they occur.  If you have any questions about the content please do not hesitate to call Beth Graham-Aumua on 0414 277 080.

Who is Perth Burger Collective

The story of Perth Burger Collective starts in 2009 when Taylor Moore, Beth Graham-Aumua and Les Graham-Aumua saw that Wanneroo was missing something.  There was a need for a place where the food is mouthwatering, fresh and good value, the customer service outstanding and the ambiance welcoming and familiar.  Since its commencement, Perth Burger Collective become a focal point of the community and throughout this time we have seen consistent growth through word of mouth, repeat customers and people hearing about us and visiting from outside the region.  We are renowned for extraordinary customer service, where our customers experience that “little bit extra” and in addition to our regular menu, we also offer High Tea known as our Tea Parties as well as finger food/cocktail style catering. We are always looking at different areas for potential growth.

Mission Statement

Wanneroo’s Perth Burger Collective is recognized a one of Perth’s premier Perth Burger Collectives, serving great coffee, delicious food of consistently high quality in a warm friendly environment. Our reputation is built on exceptional customer service and the personal and courteous way it looks after its customers.

Perth Burger Collective’s Core Values:

Customer and the Perth Burger Collective Team are No 1

·       Accountability          Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for ones actions, products, decisions & policies.

·       Balance-                    Taking a proactive stand to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance for all workers.

·       Commitment-           Committing to providing a great product, great service and to be the best that you can be.

·       Diversity-                  Recognising and respecting diversity, showing dignity and respect to all.

·       Empowerment         Encouraging and applauding examples of initiative.

·       Integrity-                   Acting with honesty and honour without compromising the truth

·       Ownership-               Taking care of the company and customers as they were one’s own

·       Safety-                       ensuring the health and safety of employees and going beyond the legal requirements to

provide an accident free workplace.

·       Have fun                   To take time to play.

Business Hours

Perth Burger Collective operates seven days a week.

Monday – Wednesday                 7.00am - 5.00pm.

Thursday & Friday                         7.00am - 5.00pm

Saturday                                          8.00am - 5.00pm

Sunday                                            8.00am - 5.00pm

Public Holidays                              8.00am – 12.00pm


Show me the Money!

Your employment with Perth Burger Collective is essentially governed by your contract of employment and Perth Burger Collective’s policies, in conjunction with this manual.  The following section provides general information regarding your pay, conditions, and our expectations of you.


Your pay cycle is weekly.  Our pay cycle runs from Tuesday to Monday and wages are processed on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Perth Burger Collective guarantees that your wage will be in the bank by the close of business Fridays.  You may often find that your wages arrive in your bank earlier, but do not count on them until Friday afternoon COB. Wages will be automatically deposited electronically into the bank account details provided to Perth Burger Collective. It is your responsibility to ensure that your banking details are accurate and that we are informed if there are any changes by the method described below. Taxation payments are automatically deducted from your pay.  Superannuation payments are paid into your nominated fund.


You will receive superannuation contributions in accordance with the Government’s Superannuation Guarantee Levy. Under the choice of superannuation legislation you may nominate the superannuation fund into which employer superannuation contributions are paid. If you wish to nominate a superannuation fund, please complete a Standard Choice Form and return it to us upon commencement of employment. If you do not complete this form, your superannuation will be paid into our default superannuation fund, Host Plus.  You will still be entitled to nominate a superannuation fund for your superannuation contributions at a later date.


It is essential that you are ready to commence work at your normal time as other employees and the business depend upon you and your contribution. 

Late arrival to work, due to illness, injury or any other reason must be personally reported, by telephone, to your supervisor as soon as practicable (and prior to your normal starting time wherever possible).  If you unable to do this personally, you are required to ask someone to telephone on your behalf.  Subsequent to this, you must keep your manager informed of your progress. Wherever possible you should make dental, medical, business or other appointments outside your normal working hours.

Absence due to illness

Any absence due to illness, injury or any other reason must be personally reported, by telephone, to your supervisor as soon as practicable (and prior to your normal starting time wherever possible).  If you unable to do this personally, you are required to ask someone to telephone on your behalf.  Subsequent to this, you must keep your manager informed of your progress as well as the expected duration of leave. We require an original copy of your Medical Certificate before we can arrange payment of the days of work that is missed.

Changing Contact Details

We require you to advise us of any personal details that you originally provided on your Employee Detail Form when you first started working with us. This includes changes to mobile and home phone numbers, both physical and email addresses, your banking details, any changes to your next of kin contact details etc. Please ask your supervisor for a new Employee Details Form. We also require you to keep us informed of any changes to your email or postal details until the end of the financial year, especially if you no longer are employed by us. You will require a Payment Summary Certificate to complete your taxation return and we need a current address to get it to you!

Recording your Attendance

We use a point of sale system called Kounta and aside from recording our sales, inventory etc.; it also records your attendance details. You will be provided with a login number when your first commence and it you will be shown how to log on and off. It is essential that you are logged off after each shift, so that we can pay you for your efforts. You will also need to log off and back on when you take your breaks.


Breaks are taken accordingly with the current award.  You are welcome to bring food from home, however, if you eat this in the dining room, we ask that you put it onto Perth Burger Collective plates and any drinks are put into a glass. The top shelf in the fridge in the back room is allocated for staff food.

In addition, Beth, Taylor & Les have subsidized a selection of meals from our menu and these are available for purchase for a nominal amount. Your supervisor will explain the process.


The 3 month probationary period applies to permanent and part time, permanent staff and is a time for both the employee and the business to assess suitability, fit and competency within the role.  During this period Perth Burger Collective commits to reviewing employee performance and at the end of this time ongoing permanent employment will be confirmed. This probation period may be extended for a further three month period should management not be fully satisfied with performance, but feel that, with an extension of the probation and training period improvement could be made.

Probation does not apply to casual positions

How Things Work

First Aid

The first aid box can be found in the staff lockers/toilet.

Accident/Incident report

All accidents/incidents must be reported on the form provided. Ask a supervisor to help you fill this out.  The forms are to be filed in the appropriate folder in the staff lockers/toilet.

Tools of Trade


We have a supply of knives available, but they are of low quality and usually chefs prefer to supply and maintain their own basic knife set. Remember to have your name or another identifying mark on each knife and wash and put away at the end of your sift.

Front of House

We require you to provide your own pen.


We have a waterproof apron available, if you choose to use it.


All tips collected in the tip jar will be split between all staff pro-rata.  If you are personally given a tip, it is up to you whether you would like to keep this tip or add it to the tip-jar.


You might sometimes be required to receive and put away stock. Wherever possible, do this whilst the driver is present. The stock is checked for damage, the invoice ticked that all goods have arrived in good condition and all stock charged for is present.  Once this has been done please write your name clearly on the invoice and place it in the office in-tray.  If any stock is missing, write it on your copy and the drivers.  Also let the appropriate manager know what was found to be missing. We require some drivers to wait while this happens.

Work Areas

During peak periods of business we may have many staff rostered on at one time that our workspace becomes confined. It is important that your workstation or the area around where you work, remains clean and tidy, and free of any items unnecessary to the task at hand at all times.  Our expectation is that your workstation will be cleared and cleaned at the end of every day.  Any items that require storage should be put away properly.


Entry to the business for staff on an opening shift will be by the way of key.  An alarm code will be supplied to those who hold keys. It is the responsibility of every key-holder to ensure that their key is kept in safe custody.  It must be returned on demand. If keys are lost or misplaced, you must notify your manager immediately so the appropriate action can be taken.

Employees must ensure that any personal belongings are secured at night.  Personal property is not covered by Company insurance.

Staff Bathroom

Although this is a staff bathroom, for the purpose of complying with our liquor licence “toilet to patrons” ratio technically, this can also be a public access toilet. This bathroom needs to be kept clean at all times and the cleanliness is a responsibility of all staff.  Out of respect to your fellow team members, please clean up after yourself after you have used both the toilet and hand basin.


There are general waste bins located in the bin storeroom behind the Perth Burger Collective.  The bins are emptied daily, Saturday excluded. Rubbish removal is very expensive – up to $8.00 per bin per night. You MUST compress rubbish such as crushing milk cartons, cake boxes and cartons. We also can save costs by making sure that each bin is full before you put rubbish into an empty one. So please check that all used bins are full BEFORE you put rubbish into an empty bin.

We also have on large bin for cardboard.  It is emptied once a week, but you MUST ensure that all boxes opened out flat and then put into the bin, stacking around the edges where possible. Please use the bins for their correct purposes- the only exception being if there is space in the general waste bins the night before being emptied you may top them up with cardboard to clear congestion. Broken glass, ceramic or sharp objects should be placed directly into the outside bin to avoid any potential injuries.


We have an agreement in place with the locals businesses that our staff will not park in the car park in the immediate area around the Perth Burger Collective as it is for use by customers only.  There is ample parking available behind the gyms and between the to the shopping center or behind the fish and chip shop across the road. Please make use of this at all times. 

What makes the Wheels go Round!

We have provided below our key policies, summarised.  Perth Burger Collective has a number of policies in place that ensure a safe, efficient and fair workplace. Over the course of your probation period, it is expected that you read and familiarise yourself with all of Perth Burger Collective’s policies in detail and this should be completed prior to your being signed off from your probation period.

1. Code of Conduct Policy Summary


This policy affirms Perth Burger Collective’s belief in responsible social and ethical behavior from all employees.  This policy clarifies the standards of behavior that Perth Burger Collective expects from all employees.


Our Code of Conduct policy applies to all employees and provides the framework of principles for conducting business, dealing with other employees, customers and suppliers.  The Code of Conduct does not replace legislation and if any part of it is in conflict, then legislation takes precedence.  The policy is based on the following:

·       Act and maintain a high standard of integrity and maintain an harmonious working environment at all times;

·       Be responsible and scrupulous in the proper use of Company information, funds, equipment and facilities;

·       Be considerate and respectful of the environment and others;

·       Exercise fairness, equality, courtesy, consideration and sensitivity in dealing with other employees, customers and suppliers;

·       Avoid apparent conflict of interests, promptly disclosing to a Perth Burger Collective senior manager, any interest than may constitute a conflict of interest;

·       Promote the interests of Perth Burger Collective;

·       Perform duties with skill, honesty, care, diligence and carry out all work to the highest of standards;

Abide by policies, procedures and lawful directions that relate to your employment with Perth Burger Collective;

·       Avoid using foul language or engaging in behaviour that offends, harasses, or unfairly discriminates clients, members of the public or staff both in the workplace and outside of the workplace including social media, i.e. Facebook;

·       Be honest, polite, courteous, professional and helpful to other employees, customers and members of the general public at all times;

·       Ensure your actions do not bring Perth Burger Collective into disrepute;

·       Refrain from canvassing for private business during work hours;

·       Only transact and approve expenditure for which you are authorised;

·       Refrain from abusing, defacing or willfully damaging company property;

·       Ensure your appearance is neat, clean and appropriate to the job and that you wear a uniform as required;

·       The use of mobile phones, including smart phone devices is expressly prohibited whilst you are on duty;

·       The use of multimedia, including social media, i.e. Facebook is expressly prohibited while an employee is on duty;

·       Any employee, who in good faith, raises a complaint or discloses an alleged breach of the Code, whilst following correct reporting procedures, will not be disadvantaged or prejudiced.  All reports will be dealt with in a timely and confidential manner.

Perth Burger Collective expects co-operation from all employees in conducting themselves in a professional, ethical and socially acceptable manner of the highest standards. Any employee in breach of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination. Should an employee have doubts about any aspect of the Code of Conduct, they must seek clarification from Management.

This policy is regularly reviewed by Perth Burger Collective and any necessary changes will be implemented by Management.


2. Occupational Health and Safety Policy - Summary

Over the course of your probation period, it is expected that you read and familiarise yourself with this and all of Perth Burger Collective’s policies. This should be completed prior to your being signed off from your probation period.


Perth Burger Collective is committed to Occupational Health & Safety and to provide a safe working environment to all employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public. You have a legal obligation under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 to take reasonable care of your own safety and health at work and to avoid adversely affecting the safety and health of other employees through any act or omission. Any hazards, equipment failures, accidents, injuries and near misses must be reported to your supervisor immediately.

To do this Perth Burger Collective will

·       Develop and maintain safe systems of work, and a safe working environment;

·       Consult with employees and health and safety reps on safety;

·       Provide protective clothing and equipment, and enforce its use;

·       Provide information and training for employees;

·       Assess all risks before work starts on new areas of operation, for example, buying new equipment and setting up new work methods, and regularly review these risks;

·       Remove unacceptable risks to safety; and

·       Provide employees and contractors with adequate facilities (such as clean toilets, cool and clean drinking water, and hygienic eating areas).

Ultimately, everyone at the workplace is responsible for ensuring health and safety at that workplace.

All persons responsible for the work activities of other employees are accountable for:

·       Identifying practices and conditions that could injure employees, members of the public or the environment;

·       Controlling such situations or removing the risk to safety.  If unable to control such practices and conditions, report these to their manager;

·       Making sure workers use personal protective equipment (PPE), training workers to use PPE correctly; and

·       Making sure PPE is maintained and working properly.

Perth Burger Collective demands positive, proactive attitudes and performances with respect to protecting health, safety and the environment by all employees, irrespective of their position.

Manual Handling Policy

It is Perth Burger Collective’s policy to provide all employees with a safe and healthy workplace by identifying, assessing and controlling manual handling risks.

·       While management is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of all staff, all employees must report potential and actual manual handling hazards; and

·       Never lift or manually handle items larger or heavier than you can easily support.  If you are in any doubt, do not hesitate to ask for help.

Workers Compensation Policy

All employees may be eligible for workers compensation benefits while injured at work.

Section 79 of the Western Australian Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 gives an arbitrator discretion to refuse to award compensation which would otherwise be payable where it is proved that the worker has, at the time of seeking or entering employment in respect of which he or she claims compensation for an injury, wilfully and falsely represented himself or herself as not having previously suffered from the injury.

Injury Procedure

If there is an injury

·       The first priority is medical attention.  The injured worker or nearest colleague should contact one of Perth Burger Collective’s first aiders.  For a serious injury also call an ambulance.

·       Any employee who is injured on the job, experiences a safety incident or a near miss, must report the incident to their manager.

·       The manager must write a report in the Register of Injuries and Incidents  The standard report must include:

      • Employee’s name and job details;
      • Time and date of injury;
      • Exact location the injury/incident occurred;
      • How the injury/incident happened;
      • Details of the injury/illness and the part/s of the body injured;
      • Names of any witnesses;
      • Name of the person entering details in the Register; and
      • The manager must report serious injuries to Work Safe immediately.

All relevant information and forms are kept in the Occupational Health and Safety Folder on the bookshelves above the staff lockers.

Smoking Policy

Perth Burger Collective has a non-smoking policy.  Smoking is not permitted on Perth Burger Collective property at any time.

Smokers who need to take breaks should do so in their allotted breaks.  These breaks must not be taken at any of the entrances to Perth Burger Collective.  We kindly ask that you walk across the street, away from view of our customers (also please do not stand at the entrance to the council building next door as we will incur a fine). Excessive smoking breaks will be regarded as absenteeism and performance improvement action may be taken. HANDS MUST BE WASHED AFTER SMOKING

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Perth Burger Collective is concerned by factors affecting an employee’s ability to safely and effectively do their work to a satisfactory standard.  The business recognises alcohol or other drug abuse can impair short-term or long-term work performance and is an occupational health and safety risk. Possession or intake of illicit drugs on Perth Burger Collective’s property is strictly prohibited. Attendance at work in an intoxicated or drug-affected state is also prohibited. It is a condition of employment that you comply with the fitness for work standard. This includes the requirement to participate in alcohol and other drug testing.  A copy of relevant Policies will be available to you and your non-compliance will result in termination of your employment. If you have any concerns regarding your fitness for work or the fitness for work of another person you must notify your supervisor immediately. Perth Burger Collective may require you to undergo such medical tests that it deems appropriate and it is a condition of employment that you agree to undertake such tests as directed by the employer.

Perth Burger Collective does not tolerate attending work under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  This may result in performance improvement action or dismissal.

Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity

Western Australia has an increasingly diverse population, which is reflected in our workplace. Perth Burger Collective believes that the wide array of perspectives that results from such diversity promotes innovation and business success. Managing equal opportunity and diversity will allow us to be more creative, flexible, productive and competitive in the long-term. It is of paramount importance that Perth Burger Collective’s workplace and services are developed and delivered by people who understand and are sensitive to the gender, cultural and linguistic differences of our employees, members, suppliers and other stakeholders and who will enhance the performance of the business as both an employee and a service provider.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity is at the heart of what and who we are and as a company, which values equal opportunities and diversity we therefore need to focus on driving high performance and capability around this and not on discrimination. Perth Burger Collective also believes in treating all people with respect and dignity. We strive to create and foster a supportive and understanding environment in which all individuals can realise their maximum potential within the company, regardless of their differences.

An equal opportunity workplace is a workplace where all employees:

·       Have equal access to jobs opportunities and careers based on their knowledge and skills;

·       Are diverse in their attributes;

·       Are treated with dignity and respect; and

·       Are free from discrimination;

It is the intent of this policy that all Perth Burger Collective employees will acknowledge, accept and accommodate the differences of their colleagues, customers and all other stakeholders regardless of their attributes. Employees will be selected or promoted according to merit with major importance being placed on the expected future performance of the employee, irrespective of personal attributes.

This policy applies to the advertising of positions, recruitment and appointments, training, conditions of work, pay and every other aspect of employment. The policy also applies equally to the treatment of our members and other stakeholders. Equal Opportunity and Diversity is not just about increasing visible differences in the workforce; it is about the strategic advantages that come from incorporating a wide variety of approaches and perspectives.

Managing diversity is about creating an environment in which everyone can achieve his or her full potential. Employees are happier and more productive if they are appreciated and included, not assimilated or tolerated.

Any person found in breach of this policy could face disciplinary action which could lead to dismissal.


Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Bullying

Perth Burger Collective is committed to providing a workplace free from discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying.  Behavior that constitutes discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying will not be tolerated and will lead to actions being taken, which may include dismissal.

For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:

·     Direct Discrimination occurs when someone is treated unfavorably because of a personal characteristic that is protected under Western Australian law.

·     Indirect Discrimination occurs when a rule seems neutral, but has a discriminatory impact on certain people.  For example a minimum height requirement of 6 foot for a particular job might be applied equally to men and women, but would indirectly discriminate on the basis of sex, as women tend to be shorter than men.

·     Sexual Harassment includes unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature in circumstances in which it could reasonably be expected to make a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated a reasonable person, having regard to all the circumstances, would have anticipated that the person harassed would be offended, humiliated or intimidated. 

·     Workplace Bullying may include behavior that is directed toward an employee, or a group of employees, that creates a risk to health and safety e.g. physical and/or verbal abuse, excluding or isolating individuals; or giving impossible tasks.

Perth Burger Collective provides equal opportunity in employment to people without discrimination based on personal characteristic protected under state and federal equal opportunity legislation.

Under State legislation they include

·       Age

·       Breastfeeding

·       Carer status

·       Disability

·       Employment activity

·       Gender identity

·       Industrial activity

·       Lawful sexual activity

·       Marital status

·       Parental status

Any employee found to have contravened this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include dismissal as outlined in the complaint procedure below. Employees must report and behavior that constitutes sexual harassment, bullying or discrimination to their manager. Employees will not be victimized or treated unfairly for raising an issue or making a complaint.

3. Dress Code Policy - Summary


Perth Burger Collective’s objective in establishing a safe and comfortable environment includes setting some standards for workplace dress code.  This is to enable all people to project a professional image that is in keeping with the needs of our customers to trust us.  Because our industry requires the appearance of trusted professionals, a standard dress code is necessary for everyone. 

Front of House

Front of house employees are expected to dress smart casual during work hours.  All employees must wear a long length black apron.  Tops must be plain black (no patterns).  Bottoms, either pants, or skirts or conservative length shorts must be black or black denim. Non-slip shoes are a safety requirement- runners are preferred, must have enclosed toes and be non-slip and rubber soled. PLEASE CHECK THAT YOUR SHOES ARE NON-SLIP. Staff must be well presented with long hair tied back at all times.  Facial hair must be neat and presentable and moderate piercings and tattoos are acceptable, if approved of by Management.


Chef jackets, black or white, must be worn, along with checkered or black pants.  Aprons are optional.  All clothing must be clean and neat at the commencement of your shift. Non-slip, enclosed shoes are a safety requirement.  All kitchen employees must wear a Perth Burger Collective branded bandana, showing the Perth Burger Collective branding.  Hair that is long enough must be tied back.

Kitchen hands/ Kitchen Attendants

Tops must be black. Bottoms should fall below the knee.  Non-slip, enclosed toe shoes are a safety requirement.  There is a protective, waterproof apron in the staff lockers for those who wish to wear it.

Prohibited Clothing

Employees should not wear ripped clothing of any kind, coloured clothing other than black, low cut or see through tops, or short shorts, track pants or opened toed shoes. You may be asked to return home to change.

Supply and Purchasing

Employees will be supplied with their mandatory uniform (apron and bandana) upon commencement of work.  $25 per apron will be deducted from your pay as deposit and $10 per bandana deposit will be deducted from you first wage. If this causes financial burden, we can spread the payment over a couple of wages.  When an employee leaves the company and returns the apron/bandana washed and ironed, the deposit will be retuned in the final wage.


All clothing worn should be clean and neatly pressed at all times. We advise that a pre wash soaker be used to keep your apron looking clean and bright.

4. Conflict of Interest Policy Summary


Conflict of interest arises whenever the personal, professional or business interests of an employee are potentially at odds with the best interests of Perth Burger Collective.

All employees are required to act in good faith towards Perth Burger Collective.  Employees need to be aware of the potential for a conflict of interest to arise and should always act in the best interests of Perth Burger Collective.

As individuals, employees may have interests that from time to time conflict, or appear to conflict, with their employment with Perth Burger Collective.  Employees should aim to avoid being put in a situation where there may be a conflict between the interests of Perth Burger Collective and their own personal and professional interests, or those of relatives or friends.  Where such conflict occurs (or is perceived to occur), the interests of Perth Burger Collective will be balanced against the interests of the staff member and, unless exceptional circumstances exist, resolved in favor of Perth Burger Collective.

It is impossible to define all potential areas of conflict of interest.  If an employee is in doubt if a conflict exists, they should raise the matter with their manager.


Employees must:

  • Declare any potential, actual or perceived conflicts of interest that exist on becoming employed by Perth Burger Collective to management.
  • Avoid being placed in a situation where there is potential, actual or perceived conflict of interest if at all possible.

If an employee declares such an interest, Perth Burger Collective will review the potential areas of conflict with the employee and mutually agree on practical arrangements to resolve the situation. If a resolution can’t be reached, Perth Burger Collective reserves the right to terminate employment.

Employees must disclose any other employment that might cause a conflict of interest with Perth Burger Collective to their manager.  Where there are external involvements that do not represent a conflict of interest, these must not affect performance or attendance whilst working at Perth Burger Collective.  If such involvement does affect performance or attendance it will be considered a conflict of interest.

Engaging in other business interests during work hours will result in a strong performance improvement action.

Failure to declare a potential, actual or perceived conflict of interest or to take remedial action agreed with Perth Burger Collective, in a timely manner, may result in performance improvement proceedings including dismissal.


5. Communication & Social Media Policy – Summary

Perth Burger Collective uses a variety of ways to communicate with our staff and our customers.

Landline Telephone (08) 9404 5496

The Perth Burger Collective landline is used only for incoming calls only.

Outgoing calls must be made on:

·       Perth Burger Collective mobile   0401 952 929

·       Taylor                  0421 460 388

·       Beth                     0414 277 080

·       Les                       0416 283 169.  

If you need to make a call out, please ask to use one of the mobiles listed above.  

Internal Internet Policy

Perth Burger Collective’s internet service is provides our EFTPOS and our CCTV, as well as limited customer use. It is NOT for staff use under any circumstances. Any staff found using the Perth Burger Collective Internet service may find their employment terminated. If a customer requests the password for access onto the net, ask a supervisor for the password.  This password is changed weekly.

Facebook Policy/Social Media Policy

Perth Burger Collective has a closed group on Facebook. We find that our Facebook group is the easiest, most direct way to contact as many staff as possible, as quickly as possible.  We also post rosters on our Facebook site. As a member of our staff you will be required to keep updated with all postings. You can choose to:

·       Use your personal Facebook account

·       Create an account specifically for our Facebook group

·       Check in via the Perth Burger Collective mobile. 

If you need assistance with any of these options, ask a supervisor. Whatever method you choose, the most important thing is that by the commencement of your shift, you are current with the latest posting. 

When you have seen a post you MUST please click the ‘like button’ or leave a comment to acknowledge you have read the post. Failure to do so can lead us to assume that you have not read the post.

Our Facebook group is for all staff to post. It is used to put comments, requests, leave messages, pass on compliments, and advise of something missed, advice lost property, required shopping items or booking requests. Negative comments about specific staff should be left to discuss with management confidentially.

Additionally, you are prohibited from sharing any confidential or protected information that belongs to or is about Perth Burger Collective. You are strongly encouraged not to share disparaging information that places Perth Burger Collective or its or co-workers in an unfavorable light. Perth Burger Collective’s reputation and brand should be protected by all employees and personal information or discussion about the  lives and actions of your coworkers should never be shared online.

In social media, participation from work devices or during working hours, social media content that discriminates against any protected classification including age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or genetic information is prohibited. It is our company policy to also recognise sexual preference and weight as qualifying for discrimination protection. Any employee, who participates in social media, who violates this policy will be dealt with in accordance with the Perth Burger Collective Disciplinary Policy, which could lead to dismissal. Failure to follow the above could have legal implications.

Personal Communication Policy

Perth Burger Collective understands that the relationship of our employees to an online world that you spend time in 24/7 can lead to the blurring of work time and off work time. We strongly encourage you to limit the use of social media to work-related content and outreach during work hours.

Unless otherwise authorised, employees may only use personal mobile phones for an emergency.  If there is a particular reason for you to have access to your mobile during service during a shift, please request permission from the supervisor.

Text messages are an inappropriate means of passing on all information. Non-attendance or sick leave should be reported by telephone to your supervisor. Telephone calls are the expected standard communication in all situations.


6. Leave Policy - Summary

General Leave policy

Unless specified otherwise, employees referred to in this policy mean permanent full-time or part-time employees.

All employees are entitled to leave in accordance with the relevant awards or agreements and statutory provisions. All planned leave has to be mutually agreed and is not automatic, it must take into account needs of both the Business and the employee. Leave must be approved in advance and signed by your supervisor, except when the employee can’t anticipate the absence. Any documents regarding leave will be kept on the employees personnel file.

Annual Leave

Annual Leave accrues at the rate of 20 working days per completed year of service, such entitlement accruing on a pro-rata basis.  Annual leave can only be taken at a time, which is mutually convenient to both yourself and Manumalo Pty Ltd, and request for leave must be made of a “Leave Application” form.  Casual employees are not entitled to annual leave.

Personal/carer’s Leave

You are entitled to ten (10) days paid personal/carer’s leave per annum, cumulative.  You will be required to provide a medical certificate as satisfactory evidence in order for personal/carer’s leave to be approved under the following circumstances:

·       Where you are absent for 2 or more consecutive work-days; or

·       If you are absent from work on the workday before or the workday following a public holiday.

Employees are to ring their Perth Burger Collective Management Supervisor in person (wherever possible) to notify them of the absence and reason for the intended absence. SMS and email are NOT suitable means of communicating absences.

Unpaid personal/carer’s leave

In the event that your entitlement to paid personal/carer’s leave is exhausted, you will be entitled to two (2) days unpaid personal/carer’s leave for each occasion a member of your immediate family or a member of your household requires care or support. You may be required to provide satisfactory evidence in order for unpaid personal/carer’s leave to be approved.

Compassionate Leave

You will be entitled to two (2) days paid compassionate leave per occasion for the purpose of spending time with a member of your immediate family or a member of your household who:

·       Contracts or develops a personal illness that poses a serious threat to his or her life; or

·       Sustains a personal injury that poses a serious threat to his or her life; or

·       After the death of a member of your immediate family or member of your household.

Unpaid Parental Leave

Employees who have completed at least 12 months continuous service are entitled to up to 52 consecutive weeks of unpaid parental leave in respect of the:

·       Birth of their child or their partner’s child; or

·       Adoption of a child who is not the child or the stepchild of the employee or their partner, is under the age of sixteen, and has not lived continuously with the employee for six (6) months or longer;

·       The employee has or will have responsibility for the care of the child.

Paid parental leave

In addition to unpaid parental leave, employees may be eligible for the Commonwealth Government’s paid parental leave scheme.  The Commonwealth’s paid parental leave scheme is in addition to and does not affect an employee’s entitlement to unpaid parental leave.

Long Service Leave

The employer recognises the statutory entitlement granted to employees after a period of continuous service under the Long Service Leave Act 1958 (the LSL Act):

  • Employees are entitled to take 8.667 weeks of paid leave after ten (10) years of continuous service. For every five (5) years of continuous service after the initial ten (10) years, employees are entitled to another 4.334 weeks of paid leave. LSL is paid out at the employee’s ordinary rate of pay.
  • Employees are entitled to a proportionate entitlement on termination after seven (7) years of continuous service.


Community Service Leave

An employee who engages in an eligible community service activity is entitled to be absent from his or her employment if the period consists of one or more of the following:

  • Time when the employee engages in the activity;
  • Reasonable travelling time associated with the activity;
  • Reasonable rest time immediately following the activity; and/or
  • Unless the activity is jury service – the employee’s absence is reasonable in all the circumstances.

Eligible community service activity includes:

  • Jury service (including attendance for the purpose of jury selection); and
  • Carrying out a voluntary emergency management activity within the meaning of the Fair Work Act 2009 or its Regulations.

Leave Entitlements – Casual employees

Unpaid Personal/Carer’s Leave

A casual employee will be entitled to two (2) days unpaid personal/carer’s leave for each occasion a member of your immediate family or a member of your household requires care or support. You may be required to provide satisfactory evidence in order for unpaid personal/carer’s leave to be approved.

Unpaid Compassionate Leave

A casual employee will be entitled to two (2) days unpaid compassionate leave per occasion for the purpose of spending time with a member of your immediate family or a member of your household who:

  • Contracts or develops a personal illness that poses a serious threat to his or her life; or
  • Sustains a personal injury that poses a serious threat to his or her life; or
  • After the death of a member of your immediate family or member of your household.