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City of Wanneroo I’m Alert Safe Food Handling Training

A FREE Course from the city of Wanneroo

Café Elixir, along with the City of Wanneroo takes food hygiene within our City very seriously. All food businesses have food hygiene obligations and the City is assisting these businesses to meet these obligations by providing free access to this exciting new training tool. This training will assist food handlers in developing the skills and knowledge required to ensure food is handled in a safe and hygienic way.


This food handling Certificate is a condition of employment at Café Elixir and this free course MUST be completed prior to your commencement as one of our Elixir Stars!!

Steps to Follow:


Step 1:       Click on this link to access the course



Step 2:       Click on the “Click here” to register for FoodSafe online (at the bottom of the page)

Step 3:       Select your preferred course (English (FoodSafe Online 2022), Chinese, Vietnamese)

Step 4:       Read the Step by Step Guide to Registering and Getting Started

Step 5:       To enrol, select Register Myself and press submit (at the bottom of the page) and enter your required personal details

Step 5        Billing Address – enter your details and then click Next: Shipping Method.

THIS IS WHERE YOU ENTER a DISCOUNT CODE to access the free course.

Enter the code FSVWANNE352 In the in the box next to “Input a redeemable voucher code, if applicable.” and Press submit.

Step 6.       Please complete the requirements to complete this training program and provide a copy of your certificate ASAP.