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The Warmies

 The Warmies 

This short article was first published in The White Hat Melbourne Newsletter No. 489 on 13th May 2011

On most weekends you will find a strange community tucked away up a dead end track near the mouth of the Yarra. A collection of people from different ages, backgrounds, locations and ethnicities are all quietly united in the activity of drowning worms. Occasionally they catch a fish but that is not the real purpose of going to The Warmies. It�s quieter there than at home. People don�t speak unless they are spoken to. Occasionally someone will have a radio tuned to the footy or the gee-gees or some music but never at a volume that does violence to your own sound envelope. However you never hear a wireless tuned to talkback radio. You�ve come to The Warmies to get away from the incessant chatter of people telling you what they think and therefore what you should think. At The Warmies you can have your own thoughts in your own time. You can just let them drift in and out of your head when they feel like it. And if they don�t drift in all that often, so much the better.

Occasionally a large ship will pass close by. A thought floats into your head � �Is that the same one you saw last August�. You tell the thought the answer doesn�t matter and send it on its way.

Behind you is the Newport Power Station. It runs on gas and gets fired up when there is a particularly heavy load on the Melbourne electrical grid. When this happens warm water from the power station is released into the Yarra and many fishermen believe these warm currents create the ideal conditions for catching fish. After a sweltering day in Melbourne most will head home and turn on their air conditioning. Others, just a few, will get out their fishing rods because they know that with everyone else turning their air conditioning, the Newport Power Station will be fired up and The Warmies will be running. However, they are the serious fisherfolk, and at the weekend they will be joined by a whole range of people because at The Warmies there are no joining fees, no membership rules and no value judgements.

When the pressures of modern life start to mount, some people sign up for expensive self actualization and finding inner peace classes. Some head off to an ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas. Others just go The Warmies.

Tugboat at The Warmies

Some forthcoming events at The Warmies

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