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Lovers of Begonias in Australia will probably aware of Ballarat's Begonia Festival. Here is how we described it in the White Hat newsletter of 26th February 2003

Let us start with the Ballarat Begonia Festival. We grew up in Ballarat so know how it works. The begonia is a flower that looks like a large pregnant rose. The people of Ballarat get very excited about them, and when they have enough of them to fill a large hothouse it is called a festival. You then take your interstate and overseas guests down to the hothouse and explain to them "See that flower there - that's a begonia. And the one next to it - that's a begonia. Oh, and that one over there - that's a begonia too." Well-mannered children will assist their parents by uttering "Yep, begonia" from time to time.

Having mastered this technique from the Begonia festival, you can head up to the Dandenongs for the Hydrangea Festival. When you have finished there it is only a short drive to the Rhododendron Gardens.

Some locations and events featuring Begonias :

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