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Ern Malley
poet, artistic inspiration
dates unknown


When Ern Malley went off to war he had no idea that his artistic endeavours would one day become so influential on the direction of Australian artistic endeavour.

Now in the early years of the 21st century we can recognise that Ern Malley is the main inspiration for much of the Conceptual Art movement, is a mainstay for many ABC and SBS arts programs, his principles currently inspire much secondary and tertiary arts education in Australia,  as well as still providing guidelines for many arts grants throughout Australia.

As an unpretentious artist from the bush, Ern Malley never dreamed that he would represent so many of the qualities deemed worthy of public support and funding in Australia.

Ern Malley was therefore one of the first to make his way onto our list of 200 significant and influential Australians.

A little more background on Malley can be found here and here.

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