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Nepal Festival

The Nepal Festival features parades, displays and performances highlighting Nepal's rich culture. There are art and craft stalls, food stalls and entertainment.

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Mtalks - Pin-up Cities: Melbourne and Barcelona

Barcelona/Melbourne street grid

As two of the world’s ‘pin-up’ cities, Barcelona and Melbourne share a reputation for being liveable, cosmopolitan and design-oriented. Both centres are shaped by a regular street grid, but develop it differently. Both promote good design, but treat designers differently. Both enjoy vibrant street life, but culture (and tourists) can get in the way. The history and issues faced by each city and the contrasts between planning and architectural approaches are the topic of this open discussion.

A panel of four professionals and a moderator, all of them relevant professionals within the architecture and urbanism fields from both countries, will come together to engage a discussion around these two cities at two different levels. Firstly, at a city scale, two urban structures and their distinct planning systems will be compared. Melbourne has built Docklands, but Barcelona’s Port is something else.

The conversation will then zoom into the smaller scale to talk about typical architectural developments and day-to-day architectural practice, which define the way in which cities are shaped, experienced and lived by their citizens.

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MMEETS - Open House x Bates Smart Slide Night at Mpavilion

Bates Smart buildings

The Open House program celebrates architecture and looks at how buildings shape our cities and culture. In the second of an ongoing series of slide nights with architecture practices who are shaping our cities, Bates Smart studio director and Open House Melbourne president Tim Leslie will discuss the studio’s 165 years of enduring architecture (1853–2018).

Since its inception in 1853, Bates Smart has delivered projects that have transformed and help define Melbourne. Tim’s talk follows the firms evolution through the lens of its changing company name, from Joseph Reed (1853) to its current incarnation of Bates Smart, and pay particular focus to the formative years (Reed & Barnes); the golden modernist years (under Sir Osborne McCutcheon), and the current incarnation of the practice.

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MMUSIC - Friday Night Fiestas at Mpavilion

On select Friday nights you can make MPavilion your Friday meet-up destination as the pavilion becomes an open-air hangout. An eclectic cast of local DJs and musicians create the soundtrack and the Kiosk will be open, serving boutique drinks. Happy hours from 5–7pm.

  • Friday 14 December: bebé
  • Friday 21 December: Bedroom Suck Records
  • Friday 18 January: Tenth Court Records

BLAKitecture forum brings together Indigenous built environment practitioners on the Yaluk-ut Weelam land of the Boon Wurrung people. The forum aims to centralise Indigenous voices in conversations about architecture, the representation of histories, the present state and the future of our built environments. BLAKitecture is curated by MPavilion’s program consultant Sarah Lynn Rees.

  • Monday 21 January BLAKitecture: Looking backwards, looking forwards

St Andrews Christmas Twilight Market

The popular St Andrews Christmas Twilight Market is a great place to pick up some Christmas gifts and to wind down under the stars in a bush setting.

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Rose Street Night Christmas Market

With over 60 makers showcasing their wares, this is a good chance to pick up some original Christmas gifts.

Enjoy festive treats and give-aways under the stars.

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Fitzroy Street Market

The Fitzroy Street Market in St Kilda is something new on Fitzroy Street for three Fridays only. Enjoy live performances from local musicians and food and drinks from more than 20 Fitzroy Street cafes, restaurants and bars.

There is live street art as well as pop up market stalls from independent and emerging designers, artists and brands that sell high quality, well designed products. 

Enjoy shopping for Christmas gifts by the beach whilst the sun is setting.

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The Make It Collective Christmas Market

The Make It Collective presents a market of Australian-made goods by local artisans and designers. Located outside the Melbourne Museum.

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