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Once upon a time in Australia there were only two varieties of potato - Old and New. Now there are more varieties available than you can poke a stick at.

For mashing our favourites are Nicolas, Desirees, Bintjes, King Edwards, and Russet Burbanks.

For potato salads White Hat's favourites are waxy varieties such as Pink Fir, Kipfler, Patrone and Pink Eyes.

For roasting or baking White Hat's favourites are King Edwards and Delaware.

For chips (or French Fries) White Hat's favourites are low sugar  and floury varieties such as Sebago, Russet Burbanks, and Bintje.

For boiling or steaming White Hat's favourites are waxy varieties such as Patrone and Desiree

For gnocchi White Hat's  favourites are Nicolas.

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This waxy potato is the mainstay of the Netherlands. Just a little creamier than the Patrone. Creamy with a yellow flesh. Good for potato salads.


Good when you want crispy skins. Usually only around at the height of Summer.



A light coloured potato with slightly yellow flesh. These fairly small potatoes hold their shape well and are thus good for salads. However they can also be roasted whole


A white potato good for mashing or roasting.


A white potato good for roasting and chips


Pink skin and yellow flesh. Great for boiling.

Dutch Creams

Dutch Cream Potatoes
Dutch Creams

It would be impolite to call Dutch Creams a 'spud'. They deserve the full respect of being called a Potato (with a capital P). And they are remarkably cheap - in Australia at least. Originally from Holland, the best ones White Hat has tasted come from Tasmania. They don't need cream and butter - just a little salt.


Russet Burbank

White flesh. Good for chips, roasting and mashing.

Jersey Royal

Jersey Royal Potatoes
Jersey Royals

Cream skin and white flesh. Good f