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Some locations and events featuring aloes:

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Bleak House gardens were established by rosarian Susan Irvine in the early 1980's. The gardens have now grown to fifteen acres, including groves, orchards, various water features and in roads of hedging roses . Refreshments are available in the garden conservatory. Irish donkeys love the attention of visiting children. Entrance fee $5.

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Bringalbit is a country property near Mt. Macedon retaining some of its original remnant Peppermint Gums, Yellow Box and Manna Gums fail to break the winds. These have been supplemented  confers, oaks, willow and poplar thickets, Monterey pines and Osage trees, nearly all planted in the 19th century. The large trees, together with a small creek feeding a couple of dams and the garden lake before cascading down it’s rocky falls below the spillway forms a peaceful retreat in country Victoria. There is a 60metre Quince Walk that delights in Spring and Autumn. Elsewhere in the garden swathes of roses, lavender, dianthus and gaura soak up the sun on the north facing terraces with their silver foliage context of snow-in-summer edging. There is a small entry charge per person (children free). More info >>

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Forest Glade Gardens

Forest Glade Gardens is one of Australia's finest private gardens. It is short trip from Melbourne and is open to the public from September to May. It features large exotic trees, a bonsai house, a woodland section, a fern gully a blue bell patch and an impressive daffodil lawn during spring; a topiary garden, two aviaries, a laburnum arch, a peony walk highlighted with climbing roses, as well as numerous pergolas, ponds, fountains and statues. A small entry fee applies (children free)

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Tieve Tara
A large garden covering over 7 hectares. It reopens to the public on 8th September 2012.

Full details at Tieve Tara

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