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A proposed initiative to utilise the three dimensions of Docklands to grow food and bring people into hands-on contact with food they end up eating. This can be done by encouraging residences and workplaces to use rooftops, podiums, balconies and internal spaces as an opportunity to grow usable food.

Why Docklands?


The initiative can make use of:

Plants do not need to be anchored to the one place. They might start off as seedlings in a small apartment, then nurtured in pots on a neighbour’s north facing balcony, transferred to podium level to come to fruiting stage before eventually being planted elsewhere. Local traders could be encouraged to ‘host’ larger pots – placing them outside during the day then locking them up at night. There are large numbers of opportunities for community interaction.

Stakeholders & catalysts

The following groups could become involved:

 Once the initiative gained enough momentum it might become self-sustaining with little input needed from some of those mentioned above.

Events & activities

The initiative could be supported by:

Future developments

There are numbers of contemporary developments regarding growing food in an highly urbanised environment and this initiative could be open to examining and adopting appropriate techniques. Who knows? – maybe Docklands could become the site of Australia’s first urban vertical farm.


In the early 20th century the concept of the quarter acre block arose as that which could make a large family self-sustaining. It served well for half a century but is now part of the problem rather than the solution. Most quarter acre blocks are no longer used for running chooks, keeping a goat or cow and maintaining a large vegetable garden. Most now house small families are no longer used in a sustainable way and are a major factor in unsustainable urban sprawl. The start of the 21st century calls for a different paradigm and the green and blue credentials built into Docklands have produced fertile ground for such an initiative to grow and perhaps become an international demonstration site for what can be done in this area.

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