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A Little Night Music
Stephen Sondheim
State Theatre, Melbourne

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A Little Night Music

A Little Night Music

A Little Night Music

A Little Night Music

Some forthcoming performances of A Little Night Music:

A Little Night Music

A Little Night Music - Victorian Opera

If anyone can bridge the gap between opera and musicals, it is the incomparable Stephen Sondheim. With his characteristic wit and indelible musical talent comes the most musical of musicals: A Little Night Music.

The summer night smiles three times: first on the young, second on the fools and third on the old. Over the course of a weekend in the country, an entangled group of worldly characters rekindle lost love, court new liaisons, and flirt with romantic possibilities. Capturing the uncertainties of love with playfulness and heartbreaking accuracy, A Little Night Music resonates with bittersweet wisdom, and speaks to us all.

From the romance of the night waltzes to the wistful Send in the Clowns, music theatre lovers will rejoice the return of one of Sondheim’s most beloved and sophisticated musicals.

Victorian Opera welcomes a cast of musical theatre, cabaret and opera stars including Ali McGregor, Simon Gleeson, Nancye Hayes, Samuel Dundas, Verity Hunt-Ballard and Alinta Chidzey.

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Selected sheet music of A Little Night Music: