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With the influx of gold money in the nineteenth century, Melbourne was able to build grand theatres, attract performers from around the world and establish itself as the cultural capital of Australia - a title most Melbournians still claim.


Major Theatres

Most nights of the year you will find a production at either:

Heritage Theatres

There are five main heritage theatres in the city area. These are usually home to major musicals.

Other theatres

There are hundreds of other theatres around Melbourne. The gigantic barn of the Palais Theatre is occasionally pressed into use and the nearby National Theatre in St Kilda has a long and proud history. Most councils and universities also boast a performing arts centre. Chapel Off Chapel is a smaller arts complex based around a church (chapel) close to Chapel Street, Prahran. In the city fortyfive downstairs provides a smaller performing space for theatre and music.

Councils and local governments often have a performing arts centre and some of the more prominent of these include:

Concert Halls

There are many churches and smaller halls and are often pressed into service for both concerts and theatre. These include: