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Melbourne Recital Centre

cnr Southband Blvd & Sturt St, Southbank

Entrance to Melbourne Recital Centre

Some forthcoming events at the Melbourne Recital Centre:

’Tis Pity - An Operatic Fantasia on Selling the Skin and the Teeth

Meow Meow

An operatic fantasia by Richard Mills, ’Tis Pity reunites the creative forces of international chanteuse Meow Meow and director Cameron Menzies to create a brand new work, following their acclaimed production of The Seven Deadly Sins.

 Richard Mills composes a flight of fancy on ‘selling the skin and the teeth’. A song cycle on the complexities of sex, pleasure, survival and salvation, trade transactions and razzle dazzle rouge through the ages, from Ishtar to the Internet, the vamp, the saint and the mirror, suckers and succour, preaching and pragmatism.

Be drawn into a fantastical history of the concubine, the courtesan, the conqueror, the queen and the sing song girl. With texts ancient and modern, old and original.

With Meow Meow, Kanen Breen and Orchestra Victoria conducted by Richard Mills.

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