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Exhibitions in Melbourne & Victoria

Public Art
There is much public art to be seen on the streets at any time of day as well as in many public buildings. More information on public art in Melbourne. In addition, public bodies such as the City of Melbourne sponsor temporary artworks and installations in laneways and public spaces.

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John Olsen: The You Beaut Country

  • Summer in the you beaut country (1962) - Courtesy National Gallery Victoria, © John Olsen
  • Seafood paella - Courtesy National Gallery Victoria, © John Olsen


John Olsen is one Australia's most respected and loved living artists which is why we have included him on The White Hat Guide to 100 Important Living Australians. His paintings have always exuded vitality and optimism and now, in his late 80s, that vitality and optimism only seem to increase.

Melburnians will be well familiar with his delightful sculpture simply called Frog in the Queen Victoria Gardens as well as the large mural The King Sun in Docklands. Sydneysiders and many  international visitors will be familiar with has large mural Salute to Five Bells in the Sydney Opera House. With its stunning location, this mural reflects on Kenneth Slessor's poem of that name and the harbour which features in that work.

This exhibition, John Olsen: The You Beaut Country, offers a rewarding opportunity to see a representative collection of his works, including the You beaut country series which he painted in the 1960s soon after his return from Europe.

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