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Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop
1907 - 1993
('Weary Dunlop')

Weary Dunlop


The Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Asia Awards

The Dunlop Asia Fellowships provide opportunities for young Australians who are committed to making a lasting contribution to Australia-Asia relations.

The Fellowships operate as one component of the Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Asia Awards program established to:

  • Promote Sir Edward's vision for peace and prosperity in the region through people-to-people exchange and interaction
  • Recognise and reward excellence and the potential for excellence in individuals committed to tangibly enhancing Australia-Asia relations
  • Establish and expand networks between a growing number of young Asia-skilled Australians in Australia and the region

You can find full details of these awards at Dunlop Fellowships.

Some forthcoming events:

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