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Australian String Quartet

The Australian String Quartet is based at the Univerity of Adelaide, Elder Conservatorium of Music, and performs around Australia. They have a regular subscription series travelling to each of the capital cities, as well as performing at a number of festivals Australia-wide.

Australian String Quartet

Dale Barltrop - violin (1784 Guadagnini Violin, Turin)
Francesca Hiew - violin (1748-49 Guadagnini Violin, Piacenza)
Stephen King - viola (1783 Guadagnini Viola, Turin)
Sharon Grigoryan - cello (c.1743 Guadagnini Violoncello, Piacenza, ‘Ngeringa’)

Website: Australian String Quartet

Some forthcoming concerts featuring the Australian String Quartet:

Australian String Quartet - Turning Point

Australian String Quartet carries chamber music into the here and now with a journey of discovery.

Sourced in collaboration with Open House Melbourne and befitting the intimacy and immediacy of the form—ASQ reimagines the concert experience to celebrate a vanguard of composers whose responses to broader social and political concerns saw them transforming into agents of musical change.

Melding performance and discussion, ASQ explores the formative influence of Scarlatti, Beethoven and Bartok, performing movements that demonstrate positive disruption, alongside Philip Glass’ String Quartet no 3 Mishima in its entirety.

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